About Us

We are a family farm growing arable crops, cider apples and cherries.
The first of our cherry trees were planted nearly 20 years ago and we have slowly planted more trees to meet demand. We grow a wide variety of cherries all grown under Polly tunnels. 
We started selling cherries from the farm gate with an honesty box,
but soon with word of mouth we realised that we needed something more permanent and now have a manned stall open 7 days a week during the short cherry season in July.
All of the cherries are picked on the day of sale by a small band of pickers who start at 5am each morning to ensure the cherries are as fresh as possible. The early start is necessary as it can reach over 45 Celsius on a sunny day under the tunnels!    

Cherry Varieties

  • Lapins – An early season cherry.
  • Summersun -One of the original varieties we grew. A nice dark red cherry
  • Stella – One of the very first cherry varieties grown at Hill House Farm
  • Kordia – The darkest and largest cherry.
  • Penny – A later variety that produces stunning large bright red cherries.
  • Regina – One of the last varieties to ripen and get picked.
  • Grace Star – These cherries ripen in the middle of the season.
  • Black Star – Produces a very dark cherry.
  • Folfer – A large dark cherry. 
  • Vanda – One of our newest variety planted in 2021
  • Tamara – Our newest variety planted in 2021
  • Early Korvik – This variety produces one of the largest cherries early in the season
  • Hertford – An end of season large red cherry. 
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