No it is not, we pick and weigh the cherries and sell them to our customers in different size punnets or baskets. 

No they are not, but they are grown to Red Tractor standards, and any chemicals used are kept to a minimum.  All the fruit is picked by hand to ensure no harm is done to the trees.

This is because once the cherries are picked off a tree they don’t grow back until the following year. Once cherries are ripe they must be picked or else they rot on the trees in the heat. They also do not ripen once picked, and so we will only pick when the cherries are ready to eat.

Yes you absolutely can, please visit our recipes page for ideas. 

Every single cherry is picked by hand to make sure that they are not damaged and very importantly so that the stalks stay on the fruit, this keeps them fresh longer. 

They are best eaten as soon as possible however you can store them in the fridge for a few days or they can be frozen. 

You can buy a cherry stoner or by using a knife and cutting the cherries in half. 

Yes we do. Although we primarily sell cherries, we do also grow apricots in the pollytunnels and these are available to buy during the cherry season however only in small numbers, but we hope to expand in the future if there is a demand.

Yes we do, they are cherries from the same trees as all our other cherries however these may be smaller, damaged or stalkless but just as delicious!

No, unfortunately we do not have the facilities to take postal orders. 

They are grown here on our family run farm in Ledbury. 

We do not accept orders, however you can contact us to check our stock levels if you know you will be coming on a specific day. 

Please visit our ‘how to find us’ page for current opening hours

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We accept cash, cheques and card payments.

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